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Neem Compost

Neem Compost

Compost is a mixture of decaying organic matter, as from leaves and manure and used in improving the soil quality and fertility; also providing essential nutrients to plants and soil. Neem compost is being used by farmers and agriculturists on a large scale because of its benefits. It helps converting the organic matter into humus. Better than other manures, as they do not have any after effects. It is being manufactured and exported in various countries because of its effectiveness and use for almost all food and cash crops. It is generally free from materials like mud and dirt. Neem leaves are used to manufacture organic and natural compost.

Benefits of Neem Compost
Neem Compost
  • Increased plants resistance to pest attacks
  • Environmental friendly
  • Universal application for all crops and plants
  • Rich in vitamin, minerals and enzymes
  • Increases the nitrogen percentage in soil
  • Retains freshness of plants and vegetables for longer duration
  • Best soil conditioner
  • Non toxic
  • Protects the plants from certain root diseases
  • High nematicides property
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