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Neem Manure

Neem Manure

Manure is any animal or plant material used to fertilize land especially animal excreta for improving the soil fertility and thus promoting plant growth. Neem manure is gaining popularity because it is environmental friendly and also the compounds found in it, help to increase the nitrogen and phosphorous content in the soil. It is rich in sulphur, potassium, calcium and nitrogen etc.

Part of Neem used to Manufacture Manure

Neem cake is used to manufacture high quality organic or natural manure, which does not have any aftermaths on plants, soil and other living organisms. It can be obtained by using high technology extraction methods like cold pressing or other solvent extraction.

Usage of Neem Manure

It can be used directly by mixing with the soil or it can be blended with urea and other organic manure like farm yard manure and sea weed for best results.

Neem Manure Benefits of Neem Manure
  • Bio Degradable and Eco friendly.
  • Nourishes the soil and plants by providing all the macro and micro nutrients.
  • Helps to eliminate bacteria responsible for denitrifying the soil.
  • Ideal for cash crops and food crops.
  • Increases the yield of crops.
  • Helps to reduce the usage of fertilizer, thus reducing the cost of growing plants.
  • Antifeedant properties helps to reduce the number and growth of insects and pests.
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