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Trend in Agricultural Industry

Neem and its products find a number of uses in agriculture. Needless to say, this magical tree and its part, like seed, flowers, bark,leaf can be used to produce high quality:

  • Natural pesticides
  • Insecticides
  • Manure
  • Urea coating agent etc.
Forms of Neem used in Agricultural Products
  • Raw Neem
  • Powdered Neem
  • Concentrated Neem Extracts

With the increasing trend of using bio fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, neem is being increasingly cultivated and grown all over the world to get the active ingredient-azadirachtin, responsible for stopping the growth cycle of insects and pests, fungi etc. Neem is also assuming a lot of importance in crop management.

Neem and Coffee Production

The wonder tree is being used to grow coffee on a large scale. Its derivatives are used to grow and develop coffee plantations. As neem is available in abundance and at relatively lower cost its acts as a cheaper method of pest control. It is also an excellent source of organic nitrogen, therefore quite beneficial for plants. Neem seeds are used in dried, coarsely powdered form are used by coffee planters for broadcasting to the coffee farm.

Considering the fact that neem is not only a cheaper, naturally occuring product and an effective method to control pests and insects, but it also has no side effects on plants or other living beings, it is not a wonder that researches are being carried to try neem and its products for large scale production of natural pesticides, insecticides.

This is a good opportunity for manufacturers and exporters to produce quality bio agricultural products meeting the global demand.

Future of Neem

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