Various Applications of Neem to Combat Hair Problems

Here you'll get few remedies to get riddance from acute hair fall as well as other hair related issues.

  • Dandruff problem is very common and troubling. Those are fed up of itching scalp, falling flakes and of course, hair fall, Use neem oil and see the magic.
  • If your hair is getting thin, then use neem oil. Application of neem oil on scalp will definitely reduce or stop hair thinning.
  • Do you want to avoid premature greying of hair? Do not want to try those chemical hair colors available in the market? Then use neem. Yes, it not only prevents premature greying of hair rather keep it safe from lice.
  • Market is full of branded conditioners but many times it fails to give the desired result. So implement this remedy which can be made easily and quickly at home. Grind neem leaves into smooth paste and apply on hair. It works as a good and beneficial conditioner.
  • Take few leaves of neem and boil them. Then sieve the water and use the extract to wash off your hair. It will reduce the hair fall.

  • Mix neem oil with any other hair oils like olive, coconut, almond, jojoba etc and massage it on the scalp. Owing to its regenerative properties, massage of neem oil will increase the blood circulation and ultimately lead to hair growth.
  • Mix neem powder, amla powder, shikakai powder, reetha powder altogether. Add water and lemon juice to it. Apply this natural hair pack on your scalp and hair and rinse it off after 30 minutes. Then you may use any regular shampoo. Chemical free ingredients of this pack will get you rid of various scalp and hair problems without losing the natural moisture.
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