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10 Most Amazing Benefits of Neem

Neem tree has always been considered very useful. Its every single part is used for various purposes. Owing to its medicinal properties, neem has been in use since long time back. And even in today's modern decade leaves, barks, twigs and neem made products are benefitted by numerous people. It offers many benefits to us in many ways. Let's see.

1. Moisturizes Dry Skin: Yes, this is true. Neem possesses moisturizing properties. Neem powder mixed with few drops of grapeseed oil can be applied on face as a moisturizer. It will not only hydrate the skin as well as make it glow.

2. Removes Scars: We all desire to have blemish-free skin. Make a face pack mixing neem powder, tulsi, sandalwood powder and rosewater. Apply it on face and wash it off with cold water after it is dried.

3. Regulates Diabetes: Neem has some chemicals that help in keeping the sugar level low. It works as insulin for body.

4. Reduces Dark Circle Problems: Nothing can be worst as dark circle problems. It hinders the beauty. Neem helps in reducing the pigmentation as well as work great as a moisturizer. Apply a paste made with neem powder and water under the eyes and keep it for around 15 minutes.

5. Riddance from dandruff: Neem also plays a vital role in getting riddance from dandruff problems. Boil neem leaves until the water turns green. Rinse off your hair after shampoo. It will definitely curtail down the dandruff problem.

6. Slow Down the Skin Ageing: Owing to its regenerative properties, neem supports the skin to fight pathogens under the skin surface. It keeps the skin supple. Neem oil or neem powder can be used to look young forever.

7. Controls Asthma: Neem oil can be used to cure asthma or any other breathing problems. Take few drops of neem oil everyday and increase the amount slowly. It will definitely benefit you to fight back with this serious health problem.

8. Cures Ulcers: Neem bark is used in this problem. It cures stomach as well as intestinal ulcers. As per the studies, if this essential part of neem is consumed twice in a day for 10 weeks then surely ulcers are healed.

9. Heals Tooth Problems: Since long time, neem twigs are used as a toothbrush because it is comprised of antifungal and antibacterial benefits. Chewing neem bark keeps away tooth and mouth problems.

10. Removes Acne: Neem is used as beauty treatment. Neem water is used as a skin toner and helps immensely in getting rid of acne, scars, pigmentation, blemishes or any other skin problems.

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