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Neem for Stored Grains

Neem has been traditionally been used for keeping stored grains free from pests and insects. According to estimates almost 10% of total stored grains are lost every year due to pests and insects, the figures are much higher in developing countries, where post harvest losses of grains are very high. Neem derivatives are being applied in all stores grains in farms and warehouses to protect the stored grains and prevent loss. Neem derivatives are more effective and economical as compared to their synthetic/chemical counterparts. The usage of neem lessens the dependence on costly pesticides and fumigants, thereby benefiting small and medium farmers.

Effectiveness of Neem Seed Kernel

Neem seed kernels mixed with rice/paddy helped to reduce damage to grain and reduce infestation over a period of three months. Use of neem to stored wheat also helped to treat insects and pests. Small and medium farmers obtain a high benefit-cost ratio by using neem to keep the stored grain pests at bay.

Effectiveness of Neem Oil and Neem leaf

Neem oil and leaves have also been used to protect stored grains and legumes from major grain pests. Neem leaves are mixed with the grain in storage or the grain is stored in jute bags treated with neem oil or other neem extracts. These methods have effectively protected food and seed stores from insect pests for several months. Neem oil together with natural neem fumigant is said to have safely been used against five major stored grain pests that infest paddy and rice grains.

  • Skin Infections
  • Internal infections
  • External injuries

In the modern veterinary medicinal system, neem extracts are used to cure worms and ulcers in animals. It is a useful plant in animal health, ecology and production. A large number of drugs and formulations have been developed after systematic studies.

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