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Neem for Animal Health

Neem tree and all its parts find applications in animal medicine and maintaining animal health. It has been used to cure large number of animal ailments like:

  • Skin Infections
  • Internal infections
  • External injuries

In the modern veterinary medicinal system, neem extracts are used to cure worms and ulcers in animals. It is a useful plant in animal health, ecology and production. A large number of drugs and formulations have been developed after systematic studies.

Properties of Neem Used in Veterinary Medicine
  • Anti viral
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti fungal
  • Anti diabetic
  • Anti periodic
  • Astringent
Parts of Neem Used in Maintaining Animal Health

Leaves : Compounds like nimbin, nimbinene, nimbolide help in digestion of food. It also helps to cure ulcers.; it also finds use in medicines that prevent blood clotting.

Fruits : It is used to treat cutaneous diseases in animals; the neem fruit is also used as a tonic,purgative, anthelmintic and antiperiodic.

Seeds and Kernel : The oil from neem seeds and kernels is reported to have antifertility property. It also acts an antihyperglycaemic agent in animals.

Sap : Used to manufacture medicines for treating and curing skin diseases, it is also used as a tonic for curing general weakness.

Gum : The brown coloured gum is used to cure intestinal infections.

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